A Hand-Written Note

Example of handwriting with gold penRemember way back when, how people used to hand-write letters, thank-yous, and other correspondence? Back in my teen years I had actual pen pals — friends who moved away, or had obtained through a Girl Scout pen pal registry, one of whom was in England! Not so exotic now, but in those days it certainly was. It was so much fun reading the letters, with the anticipation of Continue reading

It’s Business Expo Season — Are You Ready?

imats-450959_1280If you’re preparing for your next trade show, business convention or expo, this is a great time to refresh your marketing material. This includes all those fun giveaways like pens, water bottles, and rulers with your name and logo. Everyone loves collecting those!

But don’t neglect your printed marketing collateral: Brochures, flyers, product/service fact sheets, price lists, and more. These are even more important, as they’re aimed at serious, potential customers, not just visitors who love collecting swag! And be honest – could your website copy use some updating, too?

Check out this article from SCORE: The Print Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs

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Is Content Marketing the Right Strategy For You?

ipad-605420_1280As a copywriter who has bills to pay, I’m constantly browsing “writers wanted” ads. Sometimes that’s led me to some winners. It’s worthwhile enough to keep checking. But I see a pattern, among the more serious ads. Content, content, content. Look on Upwork, Guru.com, etc. — that’s what people want. Some are offering ridiculously low rates, others are more reasonable. It’s all about the blogs. The idea is to write an article about some topic related to their industry, publish it on the company’s website, and reap the SEO rewards from carefully placed keywords.

What’s the point of attracting visitors if it doesn’t convert? Putting a CTA (call to action) at the end is a plus, but so often it’s done in a clumsy way. Worse yet, many of this content appears to have been written by Captain Obvious. This often comes from outsourcing the job to writers who are generalists (and not very good at research). If you provide info that your visitors can find anywhere, you’re just adding to the online clutter. And your visitors may even feel insulted. Plus, it will undermine your credibility.

Even more pointless is the “general interest” blog strategy. I suspect this is a legacy of customer newsletters, which should be sent by “snail mail.” But are you going to visit, say, a tire company website for advice on pet care? No. You might visit for information on how to choose a tire, and you could possibly extend that to auto care and other car-related topics, but that’s about as far as you can go and have your visitors care. Still, that’s only going to work if your information provides real insight, and not something paraphrased from another source.

Speaking of that, plagiarism is a huge problem in this industry. Outsourced writers rely on Google for their research. They aren’t usually paid enough to care about creating unique content beyond what’s needed to get past Copyscape.

So is the SEO-enhanced content marketing blog a waste of time? No — not if it’s managed properly. I’ll address how to make the most of this strategy in another post.

Call to action: Want content on your blog that doesn’t just pass Copyscape, but actually converts? Gimme a call or shoot me an email.

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