About Me


As it says on my main page, I’m a freelance copywriter and editor, specializing in working with mid- to large-size businesses and marketing agencies. When you need something written, or want to make sure everything’s spelled and punctuated properly before sending it to the printer, I’m your gal.

I’ve been selling my writing skills since 1998, and made the crossover to commercial writing in 2004… that means I have over a decade of experience writing for a huge variety of different businesses and industries. I’ve written about porcelain tile, mattresses, replacement windows, trade show displays, concrete foundations, janitorial services, landscaping, architectural design… and the list goes on. If I haven’t covered your industry yet, no worries, just give me a chance to get up to speed and let me impress you.

I graduated from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio with a B.A. in English/Professional Writing, with a 3.9 GPA. This was in 2010. So while I didn’t need to finish that degree in order to write for a living (I had an associate’s degree and already a successful freelance career, thank you) I wanted to, and I’m so glad I did! I absolutely loved going to college and I’d go back in a heartbeat if I only had the time.  But alas, I’m too busy working… for clients like you.

Want to know more about me? I own a small antique & vintage shop, and whenever I’m not picking new items, selling things or dusting them, I’m in my office writing. Yes, I’m lucky to be able to spend my days with not just one, but two things I love. Make that seven things: My husband, my children, cats, and dogs… and God. I guess that’s more than seven, technically speaking, but it’s a good number.